20 Amazing Web Safe Fonts For CSS

Web safe fonts are the ones that appear over every operating system and they’re the little accumulation of text styles that cover from Windows to Mac to Google. So they give the website owners and the designers the capacity to indicate which textual styles to fall back to if necessary. That way, you can control what appears over all gadgets. What’s more, you can pick something that is still kinda near the first text font. In the event that you don’t pick a web-safe font, not every person who visits your webpage will have the capacity to perceive what is posted on your page that is the reason it is imperative to pick one of the web safe text fonts.

We have assembled a pleasant asset rundown of dazzling web safe text fonts that you can use with CSS. Web Safe font styles imply that they will look culminate regardless of the program you are seeing them from. Likewise, these text styles are exceptionally prominent and are destined to be pre-introduced on your working framework, be it Windows, iOS or even Linux. Alongside each web safe font in this article I have placed a picture of what each font would look like together with some details about the font.

Here are the 20 of the hand-picked safe web text fonts that you can use to keep your site safe and the page will show up accurately to any individual who visits it. Just follow the link given below every font and enjoy!


Massif is a great web safe font designed by Steve Matteson with a beautiful simple and clean writing style which looks very professional.



Arvo is a geometric font which is used for printing and screen. This web safe font has 4 types : Roman, Italic, Roman Bold and Bold Italic.



Vollkorn is another amazing web safe fonts which is used for web and printing purposes.



Chunkfive is a bold font which is mainly used for highlighting purposes like in newspaper headlines, woodcuts etc.



Delicious is another amazing web font which has different typefaces like Roman, Italic, Bold, BoldItalic, SmallCaps.


Droid Sans

Droid Sans is a fabulous web safe font which comes in two styles: Bold and Italic.



Ubuntu is a spectacular font which is available in 8 different styles and it is widely used for different web purposes.


Trajana Sans

Trajana Sans is a sans-serif typeface family in view of the shapes and extents of the characters in the Trajan’s Column in Rome. It comprises of 4 weights, Light, Regular, DemiBold and Bold.



Futura is a bold font by URW++ which will look goof for different highlighting purposes.


Gill Sans

Gill Sans will provide you with a large set of different typeface styles that you can choose from for your projects.


Old Standard TT

Old Standard TT is another classy font that has a very nice design with three types of different styles: Regular, Regular Italic and Bold.


Fertigo Pro

Fertigo Pro is a font from the Sans Serif family perfect for screen and printing. It has a classy yet simple typeface.



Anivers is an elegant, robust font which looks very rigid and has a very nice design. You can use it for any kind of writing to stand out.


Abril Fatface

Abril Fatface is a beautiful font with bold and light strokes on its sides which looks stunning and very creative.



Prociono is a great font from the Serif family designed by Barry Schwartz which has nice thing letters.


Gentium Basic

Gentium Basic has a very cool typeface with stylish characters and symbols. It also provides you with 4 different typeface styles that you can choose from.


Advent Pro

Advent Pro is a classy and modern font which is mainly for printing and web purposes. It has got different typeface styles and also some different language that you can choose from.



Bembo has a very modern typeface with different styles that look equally amazing for any type of writing purpose.


Fontin Sans

Fontin Sans has a very cool classical typeface with different styles that will look great for your projects.



Lato is another cool web safe font with which has a lot of different typeface styles that you can choose from.


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