15 Powerful Tricks and Tips For Using Snapchat

On the off chance that you appreciate using Snapchat also, there are in reality some concealed features and tricks that will make you love using it considerably more. Right now, have for you  tips and tricks to take advantage of Snapchat. From using filters for your photos to viewing the same Snap one additional time, will undoubtedly get some useful tips from the rundown. Here, right now, have gathered the tips and tricks that will make you a Snapchat professional. So how about we hop directly in and begin Snapchatting!

A significant number of the application’s features are covered up in these tips and tricks. We’re seeing you, in the event that you can become familiar with these tricks, they will take your Snapchat game to the next level. Right now show you how to get to these lesser-known features, and reveal a couple of more tricks that are accessible only in the wake of manipulating the settings on your gadget.

Snapchat may be facing loads of heat for its most current update which brings a recently overhauled interface, yet it doesn’t remove the way that the administration is as yet developing. On the off chance that you are one of those users who is thinking that its difficult to conform to the new overhaul, this article is only for you. Right now, will see all the new things that accompany the application’s upgrade and additionally get familiar with certain tips and tricks which will assist us with using the application in a superior manner.

Custom Colors

One of the best things about Snapchat is doodling. It is fun and permits you to feature your internal craftsman. While doodling we use the rainbow shading bar to choose a shading, yet you don’t have to restrain yourself to the rainbow slider. You can use transparent colors just by pushing down on the rainbow slider.

Ghost Mode

On the off chance that you are using Snapchat effectively, then you may realize that Snapchat records your location when you post an image. Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t need individuals to know the location of your story, then you can enable the Ghost Mode. To do as such, squeeze out with two fingers in the camera view; this will send you to the Maps view. Then, click on the apparatus name and enable Ghost Mode.

Snaps Time Availability

One of the most serious issues for Snapchat users is the availability of snap for a brief timeframe, yet this issue can be settled. In the wake of catching an image, click on the Edit button. You will currently see that the timer understands 10 or 3. To change it, swipe down and search for the image of endlessness and then, tap on it. This will make your snaps accessible for a long time.

Save Conversations

Snapchat’s chat feature permits its users to send instant messages, yet the issue is that the messages get erased after you read them. In the event that you don’t need the conversations to vanish, then tap and hold a chat bubble. This will guarantee that your message won’t get erased.

Edit Names

Individuals pick very confusing names on Snapchat and recalling who will be who can be tough at times. Along these lines, to make it simpler, Snapchat offers a name editing feature. To use it, swipe down to get to the Contacts screen from the camera view. Then, click on my friends and tap on any name. Presently, tap the Settings icon, and pick Edit Name.

Link Bitmoji to Snapchat

With new emoticon features going to the market, using the more established ones isn’t enjoyment in any way. To make using Snapchat all the more intriguing, you can use Bitmoji. For using it, you will require the Bitmoji application; then you will have the option to link and import your stickers to Snapchat.

Multiple Filters At Once

In the wake of tapping the image, enable the primary channel as you normally do. Presently, hold your finger on the screen and swipe with another. This will permit you to get to the second channel. You can proceed to add more filters to make your snap energizing.

Front Facing Flash

Taking a selfie in obscurity without front-facing flash in your smartphone can be dubious. Yet, regardless of whether your phone doesn’t have front flash, you can use the feature in Snapchat. The front-facing flash in Snapchat will brighten your screen and let you catch selfies in obscurity.

Speed Filters for Videos

The speed filters on Snapchat permits you to back off, speed up and rewind videos. You can in any event, unite a few videos to create a boomerang impact.

Travel Mode

Snapchat uses a great deal of data, however you can save it by using the Travel Mode. To enable the Travel Mode, go to settings board, then snap on Manage under the Additional Services tab.

Edit Pictures on Snapchat

Photos snapped with Snapchat are somewhat grainy, and there used to be no in-application photo filters to help improve the pictures’ quality. Snapchat already only permitted users to include captions in a customary font size. In any case, presently you can use a large font size too by empowering extraordinary content.

Enable Smart Filters and Visual Filters

To enable Smart Filters and Visual Filters, go to Settings > Manage and tick on Smart Filters and Visual Filters. With Smart Filters enabled, when you snap a photo with Snapchat, you can include either time, temperature, or speed into your image by swiping to one side or right.

Use Large Font Size

To use the large font size for your photo captions, simply enable uncommon content in Settings > Manage. Once you have it enabled, simply tap on the “T” button at the top right corner of the screen in the wake of entering a photo caption and you’ll see the large font size applied on the content.

Replay The Same Snap Again

Snapchat allows its users to view a snap only once before it disappears. In any case, there’s presently another feature that permits you to re-view an ongoing Snapchat in your stream, once every day.

Change the Number of Best Friends

On Snapchat, the individuals you message the most every now and again are automatically added to your rundown of Best Friends. The number of best friends which are set by default are 3. You can increase this number to either 5 or 7 simply from the Manage Number Of Best Friends option in Settings.

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