20 Fabulous Street Photography Examples

Street photography is a kind of narrative photography that elements subjects and individuals in real to life circumstances. It’s typically centered around open places, for example, streets, parks, shorelines, shopping centers, political traditions and different places. Street photography is the type of photography that requires imagination, quality and the craving to locate the ideal place and time. You should make the most out of characteristic stances and put some specialized stuff in your photography too. For a painter a bit of canvas is imperative and for a photographer a pleasant DSLR holds a similar significance. Aside from taking in the correct methods of photography, you should search for the ideal time and space. Street photography can be of any type whether it may be formal or it may be informal.

We can state that street photography is a standout amongst the most refined and intriguing kind of photography. For street photography shots, you can’t setup lights, channels, focal points and a tripod to get a photo as these arrangements are not helpful for a street photographer. The things that is more important for a photographer is building up a solid association with the subject of the photo and making a mysterious yet practical impact which is a very tough job and requires lots of skills and creativity.

If you are a street photography lover and you’re open to look for new inspirations then this post is all about getting inspiration from different sources. I have picked 20 amazing street photography examples that you can go through.

Ferrara, Street Musician

This is a beautiful scene of a street where you can a street musician playing a violin. The photographer has perfectly captured the scene with all the objects around.


Street In Japan

Here is another beautiful shot of a rainy street of Japan where you can see some people walking with umbrellas whereas some people are on a bicycle with their umbrella.


Feeding The Birds

The photographer has beautifully shot this cute scene from a street where an old lady is feeding the birds.


The Streets Of Jerusalem

The photographer has captured a super cute cat walking on the street of Jerusalem at night in yellow light.


Lonely Street

This is a beautiful night time photography of a lonely street with some dim yellow light and a wet pathway.


City Street Home

This is another gorgeous shot of a street where you will see beautiful houses on the sides and the clouds behind making the sight even more pleasant.


Bright Street Night Tokyo

This is a bright street at night in Tokyo where everything looks just as lively as it would look in a day. The photo has some very amazing colors which make it look appealing.


Switzerland Street

This is a breath taking photo of a street in Switzerland. The photographer has beautifully captured the photo where the colors give a very refreshing sight to the eyes.


New York Streets

Now this is a shot of a busy New York street where you can see plenty of cars with tall buildings around.


HDR Street

This is a beautiful HDR shot of a street where you can see bright colorful houses on each of the side making everything look more pretty.


Colorful Street Lights

How lovely is this sight of a street at night where you can see plenty of street lights producing light of different colors.


Empty Street

This is a vintage inspired shot of an empty street where you can just see some buildings on the sides and one or two people walking on the street.


Beautiful Street Of Italy

This super amazing shot of a beautiful street in Italy will make you fall in love with the shot and the beautiful Italy. The flowers and the stunning colors provide relaxation to the eyes.


Dock Street Market

This is a shot of the Dock Street Market with some dark colors looks like a scene straight out of a movie.


Street With Paintings

This is a photo of a street with graffiti art on all the walls making it look artistic and cool.


The Orange Street

This is a beautiful shot taken by the talented photographer Mario Gutiérrez where you will see a nice street made of stones with some yellow lights.


A Paris Street Scene

This is a mesmerizing scene from a Paris street where you can see the Eiffel tower at the back.


Graffiti Street

This is a super creative and amazing photo of a street filled with graffiti art bringing in a lot of color.


London Street

How artsy is this super beautiful photo taken on a London street with some brilliant colors.


White Houses

A shot of beautiful white houses on both the side of a street give a very classy look.


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