20 Simple & Creative Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

This is an era of flat design so people are mostly interested in creating everything using flat design concept. Logos are a standout amongst the most vital segments of an effective organization mark. They exemplify an organization’s message and show its identity. A logo ought to be as innovative and professional as conceivable since it turns into the organization’s character and what purchasers recall.

When someone starts a business the most important thing is to design a logo so that it is carried well with your company’s name. Your logo has to say a lot about your brand so you should choose wisely what kind of logo you want to attach with your company’s name. You don’t have to make a very complicated logo as some people might think the more complicated the logo is, the better it will go with the company’s image. The simple the logo, the better it is. You can just design a logo or get your logo designed by someone else where it should have a simple logo with some wording that you want to keep with it.

If you have no idea about what kind of logo you want and are still looking for inspirations then this post might just save a lot of your time and provide you with the inspiration you need. These logos are extremely simple in design yet creative and can leave a great impact on your visitors.
Below are 20 of the simple logo designs of different types where you can get your inspiration from. Goodluck!


Everyone is aware of this biggest multinational technology company which is famous all over the world. This company has a very simple logo design which is an apple and it looks like somebody has taken a bite from the side. This is a very simple logo design.


Sleep Records

This is yet another simple logo design where you can see a lot wording which is company’s name. The main focus is on the “sleep” part and the letter “e” has been made as a circle giving it a classy look.


Infini Media

This design has a colorful logo on top which is an infinity sign and below it is the typography of company’s name.


Turtle Island

Turtle Island has a cute turtle made with spaces and below it is the company’s name which is a little lighter in color than the rest of the logo.


Plastic Whale

This logo has a whale created with two-toned color and below it is the company’s name written in bold letters.


Creative Arts

Here is a beautiful colorful logo design where you can put the company’s name below it and below the name you can also put a tagline of your company if it has one.


Reflect Architecture

This logo is extremely simple yet very eye-catching. You don’t see any wording on this logo. It just has a beautiful color selection with the initial of company’s name inside the circle.


Cell World

Cell World logo design has a logo of a cellphone with the name of company below it. You can also insert your company’s tag line below its name.



Miskeeto is a very creative logo design where you can see simple wording of the name with a nice design on the letter “T”.



Lookman is a man’s haircut salon where the logo has been creatively designed with a scissor and mustache. Below it is the company name.


Lighthouse Stories

This is a very creative logo that has been designed perfectly according to company’s name. You can see a lighthouse logo where the to[ art of lighthouse is a pen nib which depicts the stories part.


Canadian Swan

This simple logo design has a logo of a swan with the maple leaf giving it a Canadian look. Below the logo is the company’s name.


TicToc Clocks

This logo has Tic Toc written in big letters where the letter O and I are joined making it look like a clock ticker. The clocks is written below them which is not very bold.


Iron Duck Clothing

This is a very simple logo with no wording on it. As the name suggests, this logo has been given the look of a hanger with the top part looking like a duck.



A creative logo with a nice typography and the letter “G” looking like a flamingo.


Evolution X

This logo has been given the look according to its name like something is evolving in steps and you see an X at the end. Below it is the company’s name.



Sideiwnder is a beautiful logo design made with a swirl effect which looks like an S. Below it is the company’s name in capital letters.


Martini House

This design has two glasses of martini kept close to each other according to the company’s name. It has the company’s name below the logo.



This guitar shop has a logo which is a guitar and below it is the company’s name giving a simple look.


DJ Loop

A very creative logo which has been made beautifully. You can see the loop written in the form of a loop looking wording with the play buttons in between them.


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