How to Get Logo Design Ideas

Your logo is the face of your company and will be the number one thing synonymous with your business from now to eternity with your clients, enemies and pretty much everybody else on the planet. So there’s no overhead. But it’s easier to be sweet. But it’s not as straightforward as you would imagine designing a smart, original design-forward, on-brand logo, and odds are you’ll find yourself bashing your head against the wall trying to come up with solid ideas. Here we have discussed all about how to get logo design ideas.

Whatever the industry for which you build a logo, it helps to begin with inspiration. Below from 72 of the most famous industries, we have selected 2,100+ current logo designs and provided style tips for each. So your creativity begins here, whether you’re naming a building firm or a cooking blog. If you want to make a logo that’s A+ but have a creative D-Day, what do you do? How that looks, we all remember! However, because your logo is a vital part to your corporate identity, you can’t afford to have an off-day when it comes to designing it. These ideas can turn in great tips for startups.

You may have just come up with a business idea, but you’re not sure where the logo should start. What are the styles of prototypes out there? For your brand name, what colours are going to look best? How do you make a special, but relatable, logo? We promise that there are enough tools to go around, whether you feel the creative block hard and need a lift, or you just want to get a feel at what other logo designers have taken to the table. Here are logo designing ideas that you should check out.

What Makes a Great Logo?

There are no guidelines when it comes to logo design. As Paul Rand once said the primary objective of logos is to identify… to say who the company is and that’s its only function.” There are a variety of established standards that can be learned from the great graphic designers of the past, but rules do not apply. This is because, after 50-60 years in use, we can see which prototypes are still running today.


Just look for evidence of this in logos for Apple, Nike, and McDonald’s. We’ve also noticed that at the beginning of the market, designs that were intricate were streamlined over time to improve visibility. A perfect example is Starbucks.


A emblem is going to be used with anything an organisation does, so you want individuals to know and recall it. By ease, memorability is accomplished, as people recall basic shapes faster. Color also plays a key role in identifying an identity as well. The logo and supporting brand identities will need to distinguish from its rivals in order to be recognisable, so make sure the homework is done. Holding a visual archive of the competitor’s logos and personalities to reference the projects at a later date is a beneficial activity.


For the company and its target audience, a logo should be suitable. For instance, you could use a bouncy and bold typeface if you aim to target kids, although this same style might not be ideal for a corporate law firm.


For everything from a button to a house, a logo can be used. Which ensures that at 10 millimetres, the logo you build would need to work almost as well as it does at 10 metres. In a number of situations, including multiple background colours, the logo would still need to function. This suggests that the emblem would function in a single colour (both black and white) almost as well as it does in full colour.

Have a Clear Direction

It is impossible to come up with ideas without a good roadmap of where you are going, so it is important that you have produced a logo design brief to better understand the market, competition and audience before coming up with any ideas.


how to get logo design ideas

I focused on coming up with innovative ideas when I first began creating logos-the more clever they were the better-I thought I was brilliant, but honestly I know now that it wasn’t the right strategy. I’ve found that you need to ‘pick’ the approach that is more important to that business as part of the design process… Something that has the right texture’ and the right aesthetic for such a business.

Creating a Mood Board

Pick together pictures that have the proper tone’ for the company to create a mood screen. At this point, don’t think about ideas. Focus only on what looks and sounds appropriate, and what “feels right.

Sketching Ideas

how to get logo design ideas

You should have some clarification by now on the path you want the concept to go. So we need to find the right cure now! Any programmers can hop into a device immediately. But I want to enable you to act on paper in the idea generation process.

Word Mapping

Term mapping is an incredible tool to make you work beyond the box of thoughts. Start by writing down a word in the middle of a piece of paper referring to the business. Then draw lines branching from this, adding as many words you might think of as related.

As an example, you can start with the term “Estate Agent” if you created a logo for a property letting firm, then add related terms such as rent, home, moving, property, apartment, etc. You will add words such as delivery truck, crates, packing, and tape from the word ‘running’.

Sketch Everything

how to get logo design ideas

Mind that nobody is going to see it while sketching. It’s just an approach to bringing ideas out of your mind, so draw it all out… including the rubbish ideas. You’ll always be shocked that you might remember that it really has potential if you see something on paper that appeared dull or silly in your head, so let those ideas grow on paper. Don’t stop and think about them just sketch and continue to draw.

You can end up drawing hundreds of thoughts, but keep going until you have a handful of thoughts with real potential for more development. Don’t just pause and begin to experiment and investigate until you have one solution. If you need to, devote several days on this. You don’t have to make a flawless drawing or be an artist. At this point, all that is being put on paper is the underlying concepts.

Combating Creative Block

Unless you’re insanely gifted, it’s very, really difficult to come up with an original, simple logo that accurately reflects the brand and differentiates it from the competition. Since it’s complicated, it can mean that you will always feel that you’re not making many strides or like you’ve reached a creative block, wasting all day sketching without a single positive idea only to reach the end of the day.

But don’t worry… the sticky mess of concepts being discussed and tested is just part of the process. Maybe you’ve got hundreds of hideous scribbles, but… all you need is one amazing concept. Once you find it, keep walking.

Choose the Right Time

how to get logo design ideas

It’s when you want to prepare your brainstorm while you feel your most creative, alert and concentrated. 10 minutes after an all-you-can-eat taco buffet and you’re out of a diet coma for a moment? That’s not the right moment.

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