20 Full Screen Background Websites For Your Inspiration

We always love websites which have a bold and eye-catching look and which are unique. Using background pictures and videos isn’t especially new in the realm of website design, yet the designers are ceaselessly concocting new and cool methods for actualizing some sort of full size photograph into the plan of their locales. The designers are finding and setting new ways to create a bold website by putting different stuff with background images and background videos. Now and again the photograph will set the scene and present the theme of the site, though different circumstances a helpful photograph is utilized to set the state of mind and to attract the client.

In case you’re searching for an approach to establish a solid connection and a striking articulation with your portfolio, a full-screen background picture can carry out the occupation without a doubt. This method will definitely gain more attention because of its striking design which will engage the users.

If you are planning to build a website with a full-scene but you don’t have enough knowledge. You are still looking for some inspirations then you have landed on the right place. In this article, I have hand-picked 20 of the amazing full-screen background websites which will provide you enough motivation. These are different types of websites with some berry different methods so you can learn a lot from them. I have also provided the link and the description for your ease which will take you directly to the official website. All the best!

Roux At Parliament Square

Roux At parliament Square’s website has a full-background image with a very clean yet attractive design. It has beautiful and tiny typography in white on top of it. Everything in this website is very neatly organized and gives a very professional look.


Lula Designs

Lula Designs is a perfectly created full-screen background website with a striking photo. The design of this website is extremely simple with some tiny buttons at the sides where you can find more options regarding whats in the website.



Evaan is another website with a full screen background also containing some amazing pictures in the form of a grid. It has a very clean and simple design with beautiful typography that will surely engage the users and make them want to explore more. It has different categories at the top which look pretty cool.



BokicaBo is a full-screen background website which is very cool and you can actually see different full-screen images in different colors once you scroll down. This website has played with a lot of different colors which look very stunning.


The Love Magazine

This is another creative website with lot of color involvement and images. It is a funky website which has perfectly used the full-screen background idea together with some more cool stuff.


Michael David Adams

Michael David Adams has a very clean and minimalist design but has a gorgeous full-screen background image that is in the movement. The concept of image movement is really cool to engage the users.



This is another striking website with the full-screen background concept. It has a stunning picture with different text on it. Everything looks neatly organized.


TM Design

TM Design has a very striking website which has full-screen background but a video is being played in the background. It has different text on top of it in the color white which brings a lot of focus to itself.



Papercutart is another website with a moving full-screen background with some text written over it in a very creative and an artistic way. It also has different categories written in tiny letters on the screen.


Julie de Waroquier

This website has a very elegant full-screen background which looks very fresh to the eyes. It has a very clean design with some text in between the image. Once you click anywhere on the home-screen you will be directed to another page.



Givers is a super cool website with a full-screen background but it is all black with striking white text on it which brings in a lot of attention. It has a minimalist yet very creative design.


Solid Giant

Solid Giant is a website which is a little different from the rest in terms of its looks. The designer has used some very bold colors that will definitely catch your attention. It has a very nice typography too.



Eszeweria is a full-screen background website with some very beautiful images used in a slightly different way in the form of a slideshow. This website has a cool design with a menu bar on the left side of the screen.


Poco People

Poco People is another striking website with a full-screen background that looks astonishing. It has tiny white text at different places which looks extremely clean and simple.


Christian Woo

Christian Woo is a website for a furniture store which uses a full-screen background image of an item from the store.It also has some text over it in the white colors which looks very clean.



Carfreaks is a full-screen background website with a car picture where it has different informational posts in the form of a two grid list at the bottom of the image. The text in white small letters make the website look very clean.


Dojo Advertising Agency

Dojo Advertising Agency has a full-screen background whereas it has used this concept in a very creative way. You can also see some photos placed it the form of a grid where they have pretty cool colors.


The Greenaway Pro

The Greenaway Pro uses a full-screen background which is pretty dark in color but the typography looks very cool and funky making the website design a lot more appealing.


The Most Perfect View

The Most Perfect View has a full-screen background with a picture on the home-screen and some more pictures below in the form of a two column grid. The text on the images and website look very neatly organized.


Tre Erre Ceramiche

Tre Erre Ceramiche is a full-screen background website with a subtle background image and some informative information of posts at different places. This website surely provides a very striking look.


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