Top 18 Free WordPress Ads Management Plugins

If you want to generate income from your WordPress site, the utilization of adverts is a prominent approach. Gone are those occasions when advertisement administration was considered a very challenging errand where you needed to invest plentiful measure of energy disturbing codes. Different WordPress advertising management plugins accessible online will make your work simpler to earlier.

In the event that you have maybe a couple advertisements on your site, it might be anything but difficult to embed the advertisement with a text widget. In any case, on the off chance that you have various promotions on your site, it can be hard to oversee without a devoted advertisement administration plugin. These plugins will enable you to deal with your promotions and show areas, offer promotion spots specifically to publicists, track impression/click measurements, and a lot more. These days, promotion in the header or footer notice bar is additionally an exceptionally famous practice.

Plugins can go up against a large portion of the assignments expected to oversee advertisements on your site. They can make promotion zones on your sites inside which publicists can show commercials. By modifying the setting in these plugins, you can deal with the span of the ads, the show time frame and track installment by the publicists, and how the advertisements are performing. They spare time and place you responsible for your promotion space.

There are tons of ads plugins available which you can download for free as well as pay for them. I have collected 18 of the best ads management plugins which will be of great help.

AdRotate Banner Manager

In AdRotate it’s anything but difficult to determine the status of what number of impressions adverts have. With AdRotate you can undoubtedly put publicizing standards basically anyplace on your site while overseeing nearly everything from the simple to utilize dashboard. Utilizing AdRotate you can without much of a stretch make your own particular adverts with fundamental HTML and additionally Javascript code or utilize adverts from your most loved Ad Server.


AdSense Invalid Click Protector

AdSense Invalid Click Protector plugin is a translation ready plugin and it will help you to spare your Google AdSense account from unordinary invalid snap exercises and snap bombings. According to the Google AdSense terms, Google doesn’t assume any liability towards these invalid snap exercises or snap bombings and dependably point the finger towards the AdSense plublisher.


AdSense In-Post Ads

The AdSense In-Post Ads plugin makes shortcodes, which you can use inside the body of any page or post to show an AdSense notice. You may as of now utilize a module to show your promotions in a widgetized zone of your page, for example, the left or right sidebars, or in the header or footer of your page.


Ad Inserter

AD Inserter is a great plugin designed by Igor Funa which comes with tons of features. You can insert all kinds of ads with the help of this plugin which also include AdSense and Amazon. It has a lot of features which allow you to insert ads in a lot of different ways and monetize your site on mobile phones, desktops and tablets easily.



AdRotate is a plugin designed by Arnan de Gans. With AdRotate you can without much of a stretch place banners basically anywhere on your site while overseeing nearly everything from the simple to utilize dashboard. There will be no whining on the code on the off chance that you would prefer not to. You can easily manage all the ad campaign right on your dashboard.


Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is another amazing plugin which has been designed to manage your ads for publishers. It has a a lot of features which allows you to create and manage ads easily. You can also choose between the ad types. You can also select where you want to show your ads based on different conditions. It also has a really good support of ads on mobile device and tablets where you can view the ads on your devices.


Useful Banner Manager

Useful Banner Manager is an extremely easy to use and set up plugin designed by Ruben Sargsyan. This plugin allows you to manage the banners on your WordPress blog. There are different blogs that need a banner for them so this plugin will be very helpful.


Ad Injection

Ad Injection is a very useful plugin infuses any sort of advert or other substance into the current substance of your WordPress posts and pages. You can configure your adverts in any widget/sidebar area. This plugin has a lot of features which makes it more amazing. This plugin also has a support for ad rotation or A:B slit testing.


AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

This is a free Google AdSense plugin which is utilized on a great number of websites. This AdSense Plugin WP QUADS is coded well with no overhead and is utilized on enormous sites with a great many month to month page impressions. This plugin has responsive ads which can be easily viewed on mobile phones/tablets. You can place your ads anywhere you want without any restrictions.



WP Insert plugin is a great ad management plugin which is extremely easy to use with tons of features included in it. You can easily insert ads anywhere on the content page and also you can style the ads however you want them to be. You can also insert ads in the sidebars by using Ad Widgets.


Insert Post Ads

Insert Post Ads is a plugin designed by WPBeginner which enables you to consequently embed post advertisements after a predetermined number of sections. This spares you from the hassle of physically inserting post advertisements for each post. This plugin is very easy to use and you can set it up in no time.


This is an amazing plugin which is extremely easy to setup with the 3 step guided installation guide provided in this plugin. This plugin is great for inserting your ad and making it run on your site. It also has some very amazing and rich reporting and graphics features as well as personalized support.


Google Adsense Ads Manager

Google Adsense Ads Manager is an amazing plugin which can provide you with a lot of revenue if you configure Adsense the right way. This plugin has a simple interface and and gives you options to specify alignment options, condition, add HTML in text area etc.



With the help of the plugin AdsPlace’r you will have the capacity to indicate distinctive units of advertise to guests of your site, who utilize PC or versatile device. You also have the option to control the content area in a single post whereas this plugin inserts your advertising units automatically.


AdSense Speed Sense

AdSense Speed Sense is a great ads management WordPress plugin by Nathan Gruber which offers a faster route for inserting Google AdSense on your blog. This plugin also has customizable options which you can choose according to your choice. This plugin is also very responsive which means you can easily use it on your mobile phones. It has flexible ads placement feature which allows you or post ads anywhere in the post.


Random Banners

Random Banners is an easy to use plugins with a lot of unlimited random banners. You can post random banners anywhere in the content. This plugin is compatible with SEO and also with any kind of WordPress theme.



AdControl is a great WordPress plugin designed by Automattic. This is a free plugin and with customary promoting connections a distributor or blogger has two connections and platforms–one for distributing and the other for publicizing. AdControl joins the two associations into one.


Meks Easy Ads Widget

This wordpress plugin allows you create unlimited ads inside a widget where you can also customize your ads easily with the options available. You can also rotate/slide your ads and limit the number of ads per view. This is a very easy to use as well as easy to setup plugin.


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