20 Mesmerizing Engagement Photography Examples

Couple photography is a method for advancing sentimental photos of couples whether they are prospective hitched, hitched for a long time or simply got engaged. Engagements are a genuine portrayal of human feelings and shows how much as individual can love another that s/he is prepared to impart their life to the accomplice. It is not simply shooting their rings and ring fingers, it is about how they touch each other and the sentiments they have in their eyes. True photographer knows how to capture the engagement photos in such a way that the sentiments of two people also get captured in it forever. An amazing photographer doesn’t neglect to catch every one of these feelings and also the snapshot of responsibility.

In any case, before you begin couple photography sessions, you need to get your work done. Settle on the stances and the edges in which you need to catch photos and for the most part significantly select a couple of backgrounds. Ensure that the couple is agreeable when you shoot; thus become acquainted with the couple before the session. You can likewise approach the couple you are shooting for a few thoughts on the off chance that they have thought of any. Remember to try different things with different points, positions and edges when you are rehearsing couple photography.

If you’re an amateur photographer or a professional one and you are still open for new ideas and inspirations for the engagement photo-shoots then this article is going to provide you with a lot of inspirations. Good luck in finding the best inspiration.

Back Seat

This is a beautiful couple photograph where you can see the two lovebirds sitting at the backseat of a BMW making everything look lovely.


Hold Me Tight

This is another lovely engagement photography example where you can see the couple hugging and the girl has placed her hands on the back of her mans neck with more focus on the engagement ring.


Engagement In Paris

How beautiful is this couple photography engagement photo-shoot where the photographers has used a good amount of shading effect making the photo look prefect.



This is yet another striking engagement photography example where the photographer has used a creative idea for making the letter “LOVE” by picking the other cardboard letters and making an “O” with the ring in between.


Love Bridge

A beautiful photo of the cute couple standing on the love locks bridge in Paris making their love eternal.


Never Let Me Go

How cute is this engagement photo-shoot of a couple where the girl is holding the hand of the boy and you can clearly see the beautiful engagement ring.


Love In Paris

This is another beautiful photograph where a boy is proposing his girl by kneeling down on his knees in front of the Eiffel tower.


White Engagement

This is a stunning engagement photograph of a couple dressed up in all white clothes and holding each other while looking in each others eyes.



How stunning is this engagement photo-shoot from Paris. Everything looks totally mesmerizing with the lovely background and the amazing couple at the front.


Lindsey and Lance

This is a gorgeous engagement photography example where the boy is kissing the girl on the forehead with the beautiful background making everything look more lovely.


Town Lake Engagement

This is a very cute town lake engagement photo-shoot where the couple has an extremely eye-catching background with pretty dresses and a flower crown.


Hacklebarney State Park Engagement

How adorable is this engagement photo-shoot of a couple sitting on a tree all smiling in Hacklebarney State Park.


Cullowhee Engagement

This is another cute photograph of Cullowhee Engagement where the couple looks extremely adorable standing between the trees.


Engagement Pre Wedding Session

A beautiful and classy engagement photograph captured on a very windy early autumn day where the girl is kissing the boy.



This engagement photo-shoot is a treat for all the Silhouette lovers out there. It is a beautiful silhouette photograph taken in Sydney, Australia.


Michelle & Anthony

Now this is a black & white photograph of the beautiful couple where they are holding hands and smiling at each other.


Sunset Love

This is a beautiful engagement photo taken at the sunset where the guy is holding his girl by the side of the lake.


In the Fields

This is a proper dramatic photo-shoot which looks like s scene from some movie. It is an amazing example for the engagement photography.


Corey & Lindsey

This is a stunning engagement photo-shoot example of the beautiful couple Corey & Lindsey in >Hacklebarney State Park with a striking background.


Engagement Happiness

Here is the cutest photo from an engagement shoot where the guy is kissing his girl making everything look lovely.


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