Top 12 Company Profile Page Examples

In the event that you have quite recently propelled another business and are hoping to establish an awesome first connection on imminent clients, at that point it is basic to make an intense company profile page. It is considered as a fundamental tool for a business or organization and can be utilized as an intense showcasing instrument to draw in new clients and speculators too who may be keen on the organization to do what needs to be done or exchange with your organization or business. Regardless of whether you’re fabricating your own site or are simply perusing for data on a business, association, or individual, the Profile page is a crucial piece of each site and blog. Why? Since it’s normally one of the principal goals guests will click when touching base to a site.

Basically, your company profile page is an expert acquaintance and points with educate individuals (fundamentally forthcoming purchasers and partners) about your items, administrations, and current status, yes – yet that doesn’t mean you should make due with something exhausting. Associations tend to go for conventional polished skill more than imagination and thus, they slap together long composed archives, loaded with lines and lines of language that nobody will ever read, not to mention get it.In the event that they aren’t awed, you can anticipate that them will leave without perusing your magnificent substance, agreeing to accept your bulletin or influencing a buy on your internet business to webpage.

So here are 12 best and amazing company profile pages that will help you to get a lot of help for your page if you are planning to make one.


Coca-Cola’s computerized magazine that is produced more than 2,000 stories since its dispatch in November 2012 and seen tremendous achievement, particularly on social. It’s an expert group of onlookers. It’s expert informal organization versus to a greater extent an interpersonal organization. We see extraordinary clickthrough rates on story interfaces that we distribute on LinkedIn.

Despite the fact that 59% the magazine’s gathering of people is in the 18– 35 year-old statistic, they see a considerable measure of collaboration from the organization’s 917,000+ devotees on LinkedIn. The level of clickthroughs is especially higher than it is on Facebook, and to a certain extent, Twitter. You’ll see more business advancement, employments, work environment stuff go up on LinkedIn. Coca-Cola group pick which substance to share on LinkedIn in light of that expert gathering of people.



Most organization profiles are static and left to accumulate clean, yet Philips refreshes its no less than four times each year. Presently, this is likely the most outwardly striking out of the greater part of our illustrations. Splitting far from customary corporate-style, Philips utilizes huge, dynamic photographs all through its organization profile. Just by looking at the photographs and duplicate, you quickly realize that Philips does significantly more than offer buyer gadgets.

It’s additionally vital to take note of that the organization keeps the page dynamic and a la mode including features from Q4. Together with a great collection of image the profile will give you all the information that you need to know on its company profile page. You will get information in one place rather than searching for various pages here and there.



You simply need to accept that online media organizations will have great LinkedIn organization profiles, and Mashable is no special case to that run the show. Mashable has huge amounts of potential substance to share, yet on LinkedIn, they basically dole out business and efficiency tips. The organization’s one section rundown lets you know all that you have to think about the organization while featuring imperative details for publicists. We don’t get extreme insight about the organization’s history or substance: we simply get a direct, simple to-peruse synopsis.

And keeping in mind that they distribute a ton of articles on their principle site, they stick to business-related themes when presenting refreshes on LinkedIn on request to the more expert gathering of people that invests energy there. Their web-based social networking centered substance produces a considerable measure of engagement.



Unilever is an incredible brand that features their associations with providers, how awesome items are made and in addition sharing extraordinary battles and stories from their diverse items. Would you be able to trust that they have more than 2 million supporters? At that point, the organization diagrams some of its most vital brands, activities, and items (there are more than 400 Unilever brands sold today, including Lipton, Knorr, Dove, Ax, Hellmann’s, and some more).

On the off chance that your organization experiences difficulty advertising itself on the web, and you don’t know how to begin clarifying all your assorted items and administrations, at that point Unilever’s LinkedIn page resembles an ace class. Unilever is one of those organizations a large portion of us utilize each day, yet few of us ever consider.



Not at all like many organization profiles that delay everlastingly, Google features its characterizing occasions with one section each. How would you even start to depict an organization like Google? Some way or another, Google has figured out how to do it in only one passage at its profile page. Google presents content updates 2 on 3 times each week, and a large portion of the substance refreshes cover late Google activities.When you’re an organization as productive as Google, what more would you be able to say in regards to yourself that hasn’t just been said?

This sounds simple, however when you consider the amount Google has done and the many acquisitions and activities it has been associated with, it’s difficult to confine that to one page. It’s extremely Google-driven, yet it lets you know all that you have to think about the organization in a positive light – and that is precisely what the best LinkedIn organization pages do.



As should be obvious, tech organizations overwhelm the highest priority on our rundown. Like Evernote, HP additionally uses the Showcase Pages to include sections like HP Labs, HP Software, and HP Developers. A battle that HP keeps on featuring on their LinkedIn page is continue rethinking, which is concentrating on the organization’s saying to “make innovation that improves life for everybody, all around.”

HP has the briefest organization outline on this rundown, checking in at only three sentences and 19 words long: “Designing encounters that astonish. We make innovation with a reason: to improve life for everybody, all around. Continue Reinventing.” Certainly, that outline doesn’t generally reveal to you anything particular about the organization, yet you can take in more at the grandstand pages for HP Labs, HP Software, and HP Developers.



The organization has a portion of the best exhibit pages we’ve found as far as covering distinctive items and brands. There’s the IBM Analytics Page, the IBM Security Page, and the IBM Watson page, all of which show profoundly specialized substance in a way that is straightforward. They additionally make an incredible showing with regards to of cross-advancing IBM’s other online resources, similar to their Tumblr posts and hashtag crusades that traverse various social stages.

The organization likewise much of the time presents 1 on 2 content updates for every day to keep its 2.5 million supporters engaged. IBM finished the LinkedIn rankings with 1.8 million connections in 2012, and they haven’t backed off since. They’ve included about a million and a half adherents, and more than 2.5 million individuals now subscribe to the organization’s updates. The innovation monster shares a pleasant blend of stories from around the web and their own particular substance center point.



For organizations that have various substances under one name, LinkedIn Showcase Pages make it simple to section substance to spotlight a particular business brand or item. L’Oréal, as Unilever, is one of those organizations utilized by a large number of individuals each and every day. It’s a gigantic organization with a colossal number of prominent brands.

By making diverse Showcase Pages for every one, L’Oréal can draw in and share applicable substance with each of their particular target gatherings of people. Arranging these brands and promoting their advantages appears like a monstrous endeavor. Be that as it may, L’Oréal succinctly records these brands, features key highlights and friends numbers, and supplements everything with incredible individual Showcase pages.


Marketplace Home Mortgage

Marketplace Home Mortgage made LinkedIn’s rundown of best organization pages of 2013. Why? Since the moderately little organization makes an awesome showing with regards to of curating helpful and intriguing substance for home purchasers, and curating it with solid snares – confirm that private companies can exceed expectations on LinkedIn, as well. Presently they have more than 1,600 adherents and take after a considerable measure of incredible LinkedIn best works on, including sticking a basic, concise status to the highest point of their Company Page that tells guests they’re employing.

Marketplace Home Mortgage is a gathering of committed experts giving REAL Home Financing Solutions under One Roof. For over twenty years Marketplace Home Mortgage has been giving home financing arrangements, and is consistently positioned as a market pioneer in the home loan industry.



On the off chance that you have it, for what reason not parade it? Hays makes their claim as the #1 enrolling firm on the planet appropriate on their LinkedIn standard. Something else Hays does well? They recognize their adherents straightforwardly, and even request that what they need see a greater amount of. They additionally utilize that space to guarantee to conveyance accommodating, applicable substance to their devotees – and they try to do they say others should do.

Here’s a case of a current post, in which they thank their YouTube watchers and solicit them what sorts from recordings they’d get a kick out of the chance to watch next. Reward: They incorporated a hashtag with this ask so people can share their contemplations either on LinkedIn or another social channel.Their announcements are frequently connects to their own particular blog entries on awesome themes.


Four Seasons Hotel

One thing that I completely adore around Four Seasons LinkedIn page is that they aren’t centered around pushing their inn at you or the experience you can arrive. Or maybe the achievements of their colleagues and the organization all in all are the star. Four Seasons Hotel and Resort is a fun LinkedIn page to take after only for the pictures alone.

The organization routinely shares pictures and recordings from its system of honor winning lavish inns around the globe. The motivation behind the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts LinkedIn Page is by all accounts to make me truly lament considering writing in school as opposed to examining lodging and eatery administration. Indeed, Four Seasons, I do wish that I could work at your attractive new wine, cheddar, and chocolate bar on the shoreline. In general, the Four Seasons objective on LinkedIn is truly self-evident: Make the inn network look both like an organization that you’d jump at the chance to work for, and a place you need to remain.



Regardless of whether you’re an energetic Evernote client or considering doing the switch, their LinkedIn page highlights content featuring their product’s highlights and tips to enable you to enhance efficiency. Evernote earned a legitimate spot in LinkedIn’s Best of 2014 report, where the organization was applauded for utilizing stuck substance refreshes for most extreme adequacy. They additionally have a huge amount of communications from their supporters and use Showcase Pages to feature Evernote Business.

The people at Evernote distribute a considerable measure of extraordinary substance to their Company Page, yet their stuck updates are particularly essential here. At whatever point Evernote discharges another element, they post a refresh and afterward stick it to the highest point of their Recent Updates segment. Evernote shares a considerable measure of substance by means of its LinkedIn page. In any case, when the organization’s note-taking stage has a noteworthy refresh, that refresh will be stuck to the highest point of the substance line, making it simple for guests to instantly observe what’s new about the organization while as yet investigating industry news.


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