Top 22 Best About Us Page Designs

Regardless of whether you’re fabricating your own particular site or are simply perusing for data on a business, association, or individual, the ‘About Us’ page is a fundamental piece of each site and blog. Why? Since it’s generally one of the principal goals guests will click when landing to a site.

About Us page is the most critical page on a site after home page since It’s the page from where guests get data about the site, for example, what truly matters to the site, how the site got its begin, who are the general population included and how far they have come till now and a considerable measure of other data.
Regardless of what sort of site you have, be it a solitary page site, a blog, an eCommerce site or a website offering some administration or programming About Us page is similarly imperative in every one of the destinations.

Be that as it may, having an about page isn’t sufficient, you need an innovative and all around outlined about us page in light of the fact that a guest arrives on your site’s about page just when he/she is occupied with find out about you or your business and if the page prevails with regards to inspiring the guest, you gain a reliable guest which can profit you in some way.

The primary reason for the ‘About Us’ page is to give guests a look into the character of either a man or business. In the event that you know your identity and your objective for your site, the ‘About Us’ page should easily fall into place. Be that as it may, in case regardless you’re searching for motivation, you can simply look at the accompanying Top 22 ‘About Us’ pages.

Bulldog Skincare

What’s the distinction between “normal” showcasing and adorable promoting? It’s the distinction between making non specific website pages that give incredible data, however in a direct, highly contrasting sort of way – as opposed to making site pages that give extraordinary data and are imbued with shading, identity, and remain consistent with an organization’s novel image voice.

When you make adorable advertising, you can begin a development of brand evangelists and promoters who will enable you to develop. The “About Us” page is concise, vivid, and leads with the adorable mug of a cute bulldog – fitting the name and the brand. What’s more, it expresses the motivation behind the items – to help clients from turning into “a wrinkly old mammoth.”



500px is an interpersonal organization for picture takers, so normally, its about us page is stacked with striking symbolism that does the talking for it. After an underlying presentation (sharing its one of a kind offer), the system keeps its composed depiction to a base.

Rather, 500px has a visual course of events demonstrating the development of its image, and featuring real updates and points of reference that have profited its clients. This page additionally makes an extraordinary showing with regards to of giving “following stages” for clients by including connects to their most recent blog articles at the base.You will get to see a beautiful timeline of history which makes it look more amazing.



Tumblr began as a small scale blogging and long range interpersonal communication webpage in 2007, later gained by Yahoo in June 2013. It has an amazing about us page which gives continuous details on what’s really occurring on the site. You can see the aggregate number of sites, number of workers and numerous other fascinating details. It’s truly fascinating, do look at it.

Tumblr has a close flawless About Page. It’s perfect, simple to process, and gives the greater part of the essential data up front, for example, what number of web journals or the quantity of representatives. In the event that you continue looking over, in any case, you’ll likewise be dealt with to the most recent blog entries, which are typically based off slanting subjects. It’s fun and enlightening! The legend picture progressively changes between a few huge, dynamic pictures that snatch your consideration without being excessively diverting, at that point as you scroll, it records a couple of essential actualities about the organization, and in addition some great constant details displaying the ubiquity of their group.



MailChimp is a standout amongst the most generally utilized email advertising tools. Starting at now, there are more than 3.5 million enlisted clients of this administration. Who knew? We didn’t, and that is the smart piece of MailChimp’s About Page. It’s an incredible case of how to utilize an About Page as a kind of pre-deals page. It’s basic, fun and compelling. On its old about us page, MailChimp made an outstanding showing with regards to of representing their group and business, while additionally sharing their story.

The highest point of the page highlighted an expansive amicable picture of the organization’s authors and as you scroll, you discover short insights about it, the group, and its way of life.
En route, MailChimp kept on sharing photographs of its administrators and other key colleagues, adequately refining its image by putting a few countenances to its name. About page of MailChimp is smooth in plan and gives all of data that a peruser has to know, for example, an outline of the organization, tributes, earlier year’s features, and so forth.


National Geographic

What should an about us page say when everybody definitely knows your identity? All things considered, National Geographic shows you all that you likely didn’t think about it. For a production that has been around since 1888, National Geographic appears to have an extraordinary comprehension of innovation.

Their whole site is brimming with delightful symbolism the magazine has turned out to be known for. The primary thing you see is a video with shocking symbolism that spotlights on its protection endeavors and the worldwide effect the organization has had. Their About page is the same. Close to an extremely concise history, the negligible page coordinates guests by separating it into the classes that NatGeo is known to embrace.

This about us page makes you rapidly mindful that the brand is something other than a nature magazine, it is a capable power in the worldwide preservation exertion. It’s not until you’ve looked over mostly down the page that it even specifies its media, for example, their notable magazine and TV station.



The Twitter About Page is a laser-centered attempt to close the deal for their whole image. It’s about instantaneousness and what is going on the planet at this moment. The quality of this page was in its straightforwardness and how the stage let its substance and achievements justify itself with real evidence.

The principle include is a major photograph of a big name like Barack Obama or Kanye West and after that you’ll stagger down to a segment that demonstrates to you a portion of the headliners going ahead on the planet at this moment. This is exceptionally shrewd in light of the fact that it gives you a sentiment passing up a major opportunity – a capable advertising instrument and something that people loathe.

On the off chance that you can utilize your About Page to indicate how others are connecting with your image and influence them to crave passing up a great opportunity would be an oversight then you’ll go far to creating engagement.



Moz began as a SEO counseling organization in 2007 and from that point forward it has developed enormously. Moz chose to give guests a course of events to recount their story. Yet, the site turned out poorly with points of interest. Rather, the SEO counseling firm just offers features with round pictures on a track, which you can undoubtedly look through. With this strategy, Moz would showcases be able to their honors and achievements without seeming to be hotshots.

Moz is a net renowned site improvement organization that has an astounding site and a significantly all the more stunning arrangement of items that assistance you get more activity to your site. Their About Us page is one of the more powerful cases in this rundown however as opposed to bringing down the message the additional substance gives it a great deal of expert.

A noteworthy favorable position of this kind of About Page is that the course of events gives you a chance to feel some portion of their story. You know where you’re opening in and you feel like it’s straightforward.


Chattanooga Renaissance Fund

The best piece of the Chattanooga Renaissance Fund is to allure financial specialists and business visionaries into taking a gander at the Chattanooga, Tennessee, territory by rapidly saying its rich history and the organizations as of now situated in the area, similar to Amazon and Volkswagen.

Chattanooga Renaissance Fund does everything ideal with it’s about us page. It utilizes huge pictures, concentrates on the esteem it gives buyers, and it enables you to become more acquainted with the general population behind the brand – however those aren’t even the most amazing parts.

As you scroll you down, you can find data about colleagues, by a possibility for Startups, Investors, or Third Parties to keep investigating the site in their segments. Close to the base of the page, Chattanooga Renaissance Fund has a suggestion to take action for each of its purchaser’s personas – new companies, speculators, or outsiders. These three little catches, not just enable guests to self-recognize/qualify themselves, it customizes the experience that takes after particularly to their necessities.



On the off chance that you think it influences you to sound super savvy on your “About Us” page, reconsider. Individuals need and acknowledge straight discuss what your business does. All things considered, if individuals can’t make sense of what you do, by what means will they know they require your item or administration?
Need to know our most loved piece of Apptopia’s About Us page? The genuineness. Here’s an organization that is in it to profit, not something that was evoked by companions. Other than that, the page is perfect and concentrates on the general population who get Apptopia going. Are profiles given, as well as connects to their online networking profiles.

Along these lines, skirt the business dialect – that is the thing that Apptopia does on its “About Us” page. The startup’s basic yet cleaned dialect adequately imparts the organization’s putting forth while as yet permitting the Average Joe to comprehend it.


Tim Ferriss

You may have known about Tim Ferriss from his effective 4 Hour Work Week and 4 Hour Body. His blog is a steady wellspring of motivation for daredevil (and bums) all over the place. In the event that you visit his blog, you can even discover a wide range of motivation to change your way of life. Tim’s About Us page is composed in the third individual and done to incredible impact. It is a decent method for having the capacity to list his heap of accomplishments without seeming like a gloating tuition based school kid.

The clearest place to begin is the steady utilization of third individual. It’s a difference in pace from the greater part of alternate pages that contain first individual account. The third individual approach likewise gives Tim the capacity to list his accomplishments without it seeming like he’s boasting. The concentration of his page is references – social evidence originating from probably the most prominent news stations and magazines around the globe. Read this page and you are sure to go on and look at the blog.



Regularly, we would state this is excessive data for the about us page. Be that as it may, Adidas makes a great showing with regards to of separating everything. A fantasy to make the most ideal games shoes. That is the place you begin on the Adidas About Us page. This is an exceptionally cool and one of a kind approach to demonstrate individuals what truly matters to your organization yet I do have a couple of issues with it.

Right off the bat, it most likely wouldn’t take a shot at a telephone. Besides, those things can be somewhat irritating when you are hoping to check data rapidly. In any case, when you are a shoe organization worth countless dollars I question it matter to much about what your About Us page does. You can stand to be inventive.
On the off chance that you utilize them I propose that you make it just a piece of the page, not the entire page. That way you guarantee that individuals still get something if the illustrations neglect to convey. Regardless of whether it’s the image’s history, its technique or the distinctive brands under the Adidas umbrella can be found on this Profile page. In spite of all the data, it keeps up an insignificant appearance.



A great many people can’t pull off the me-centered about us page, particularly not in the third-individual. Gummisig, be that as it may, demonstrates to do both right. The primary thing that influences this page to work is a major, striking feature that arouses your advantage. At that point just before he loses you, he jumps into his story in a way that is friendlier.

You may have seen that hip web insightful individuals are currently making a pattern of utilizing hugely larger than usual content to introduce a stunning or intriguing thought. Gummisig does it truly well here by beginning with a joke and dynamically moving the content size down as it gets more genuine. Ultimately, close to the base of the page, he records a few tributes, just to tell you that he’s not brimming with it. On the off chance that you need to utilize enormous content like this it is a smart thought to counsel a fashioner as it can turn out looking truly awful.


Bentley Motors

Bentley’s rich About Us page coordinates the brand and features its key offering focuses through slick symbolism. Also, the thing about Bentleys is that they depend a ton on that renowned picture that accompanies the brand. All things considered, there are a lot of autos out there that are likely similarly as great and cost an entire load less. Bentley’s about us page is really laid out over a few visual pages, each concentrating on various bits of their quality craftsmanship, rich history, and late honors.

The general purpose of this About Us page is to inspire you to feel some portion of the experience. To attract you to their state of mind and acting which is, truth be told, their promoting plan and marking. The About Us page makes an astounding showing with regards to of making that mysterious and celebrated vibe.


The Nerdery

The Nerdery is an intelligent generation organization that was made by geeks, for geeks. In staying aware of the geek subject, they accepted the open door to change over their About Page into a Periodic Table that highlights the greater part of their geeks. It’s fun and totally grasps the good cheer of the organization.

At that point as you looked over, you could read about the organization, its honors, abilities, and culture. In this one of a kind plan, Nerdery showed its group photographs practically like components on the occasional table. Each colleague got their acknowledgment! Nerdery is a generation organization for geeks, by geeks and that is clarified on its old about us page, it made this unmistakable



This diversion based studio from Quebec utilizes its landing page as only one goal for all the data you have to know so you’re not scanning all through the site for various areas. All in all, imagine a scenario in which your about us page is your whole site. It’s additionally a fun loving and tastefully cool page that mirrors its business.

This “about us page” begins with a presentation, grandstands a couple of tests of their work and bright sketch of their group, at that point finishes up with an invitation to take action and contact shape. There are nitty gritty or object, only a straightforward, inventive portrayal of the group’s way of life and range of abilities.



The About Us Page gives the representatives a chance to do the talking. Here’s another occurrence where any zone of your site – not only the “About Us” page is a chance to think outside the box.

Many organizations include a “Vocations” segment to their sites, where there may be a touch of data on the corporate culture. Be that as it may, Refinery29 like a site after our own particular hearts – committed a whole page to that culture, and it’s an exceedingly captivating one at that.

Like client tributes, representative tributes are an incredible approach to grandstand a brand’s esteem. We cherish that it opens with a whimsical header and couples short bits of writings with pictures from the organization’s (non)corporate life. It gives guests a look into life at Refinery29 in a fun, yet not exaggerated way.


Eight Hour Day

Individuals tend to feel that “About Us” pages need to sound formal to pick up validity and trust. However, a great many people think that its less demanding to put stock in genuine individuals, instead of a depiction that sounds like it originated from a machine. Rather, Eight Hour Day exhibits the general population behind the organization and acculturates its image. Presenting the originators by name and highlighting the photographs of them on the “About Us” page drives home the point that Nathan and Katie are .

Endeavoring to sound excessively proficient on your “About Us” page brings about firm, “safe” duplicate and plan – the ideal approach to ensure your organization mixes in with the majority. When you’re outlining your “About Us” page, stay away from industry language and supplant it with a legitimate voice – yours – to depict your item or administration. Of course, it should be cleaned and free of blunders, yet it should constantly stable well disposed and genuine.



Another theme of About Us pages is to have singular representations of your group, yet why not consider getting the entire pack together and taking one aggregate gathering photograph? This about page for Jam3 does only that by utilizing a vast, complex photograph of their group as the main point of convergence. This shot is wonderfully balanced by a spotless and basic design and conveniently set sort, all of which joins to frame an undeniably exquisite and refined about page.

Speedy expression of exhortation: If you do go down the road of one gathering photograph, do make certain to consider that normally individuals may travel every which way from your group after some time, which will require your photograph to be refreshed all the more regularly. Be that as it may, if this is not an issue, at that point proceed!


Cultivated Wit

Truly, this post is about, well, “About Us” pages. Be that as it may, in some cases, you don’t generally need to sit tight for clients to arrive to create an impression. That is a piece of thinking outside the box to grandstand your organization’s identity. Here we have yet another extraordinary case of utilizing genuine symbolism to frame an association amongst persona and brand – in addition, can’t generally top a feature like Cultivated Wit.

Just on the off chance that you didn’t know whether to consider them important or not, directly underneath the crease they list a few achievements that they’ve earned as a group, and in addition individual honors. The base of the page additionally utilizes social confirmation by posting a huge amount of enormous name customers and associates.That is precisely what Cultivated Wit – an innovative organization and media organization – does, with both a restless name and a staggeringly fun story told through video and parallax looking over … appropriate on its landing page.


Marie Catribs

There’s a motivation behind why these cases are outstanding – “About Us” pages aren’t generally the most riveting parts of an organization’s site. Indeed, they frequently resemble a bit of hindsight. Be that as it may, regardless of the possibility that you don’t have spending plan for delicious illustrations, video, or parallax looking, there are different approaches to make your “About Us” page unforeseen with the duplicate alone.
Marie Catrib’s is an eatery, so you may think their “About Us” page would be your regular story. Marie Catrib’s “About Us” page does discloses to us that – yet it does as such in an eccentric way.

In any case, next comes the anecdote about the proprietor, which begins in an unforeseen way – “It’s difficult to envision, yet at one time Marie was restricted from the family kitchen.” Promptly, the client’s eyes are attracted to a header that says, “It’s alright to make a wreck, tests can prompt wonderful things.” Quite philosophical, for a place to eat.



This San Diego based media creation organization has a fresh and liquid About Page that features the different gifts of every single individual from the group. The group at FortyOneTwenty does everything ideal with its about us page. Immediately, it identifes its group as craftsmen, which is the thing that you need while employing anybody for an innovative attempt. Looking down you see a tribute depicting them as “the Navy Seals of the film world,” trailed by a noteworthy accumulation of huge brand logos they’ve worked with.

Most great, in any case, are the tributes, for example, one by Jason Ehrlich, Executive Producer at NBCUniversal. Underneath that are a rundown of organizations and associations that put stock in FortyOneTwenty, for example, the San Diego Chargers and BMW. It is a crisp, simple to explore page that likewise demonstrates they are a demonstrated and regarded organization.


Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Yellow Leaf Hammocks is out to change the world with its lofts. Yellow Leaf Hammocks makes an incredible showing with regards to demonstrating to you how your buy of one of its lofts straightforwardly impacts the life of another person – the craftsman weavers (and their families) who create the lofts. On its About Us page, the organizers utilize inconceivable word pictures to reveal to you exactly how they intend to achieve that grand objective.

As per the About Us page, each Yellow Leaf Hammock is 100% handwoven by slope tribe craftsmans in country northern Thailand. Weaving these lofts empower the weavers to acquire a decent living for their families. What I adore about this page is that it reveals to you what they are offering immediately – “Strangely comfortable lofts” – then proceeds onward rapidly. Whatever remains of the page is devoted altogether to sharing the account of the craftsman weavers.


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