20 High-Resolution Beautiful Forest Backgrounds

With regards to beauty nothing can beat the excellence of nature. In spite of the fact that we can get motivation from nearly everything, nature regularly figures out how to give us lovely, attractive points of view we could never have investigated something else. Nature includes a lot of different things that can make you background screens full of life. Nature includes birds, forest, lakes, mountains etc.

A forest is basically alluded to as a wood or the forested areas are a region with a great number of trees. Forest backgrounds are the most ideal approach to help you to remember the forested areas and the excellence. Forests have a lot of variety in them and people tend to have a never needing love for it because of the peace and fresh environment it provides.

If you are looking for forest background then you have come to the right place. I am going to save a lot of your time by providing you this post. You can get all the best wallpapers of forests that you need. So I have gathered 20 gorgeous forest backgrounds which will bring a new life to your screens. Each background of the woods will remove your from your stresses and concerns and you can set aside some time for unwinding yourself. I have provided description and link to the original image. All you have to do is click on the link and you will be able to download the image without any hassle.

Sun Setting in Autumn Birch Forest

This photo of sun setting in autumn birch forest will look great as you background. It has beautiful tall trees with yellow leaves that make the sight more pretty.


Autumn Forest Germany

This is a stunning photograph of a forest in Germany during autumn time where you can see gorgeous pink flowers on the ground.


Boats In A Quiet Forest Lake

This beautiful photo of boats in a very quite forest lake will look amazing as your background and it will bring a very soothing effect to your screens due to its blending colors.


Sunrise In A Forest

This is a photo of beautiful sunrise that is taking place in a forest with numerous trees. It has warm colors which make the photo look more amazing.


Morning Sun In The Forest

A yet another beautiful shot of a sunrise taking place in the forest in early morning. The trees are standing tall with some very mesmerizing colors.


Old Stone

This is a beautiful photograph of the stone arch gate in the woods East of St John’s University. The beautiful yellow leaves of autumn on trees make the photo more striking.


Winter Forest

Now this is a background photo for all the winter lovers out there. This shot has been taken in the forest in winter with some bright sun shining on the white snow making it look stunning.



How beautiful is this photo of a large tree-house in the middle of forest. This photo is perfect for all the fantasy lovers out there.


Winter Sunshine

This amazing photo of beautiful tall trees loaded with snow will make a great background. This is a photo taken in winters on a bright clear sunny day.


Green Forest Nature With Lake And Flowers

This photo with fresh and bright colors will definitely give a new life to your screens. This is a hoot of a lake located in a forest with some Lilly flowers.


Green Forest

This is a lush green photo of a forest where you can see a tree fully loaded with leaves making it look very beautiful.


Autumn In The Mountains

This is a breath-taking photograph of a forest in the mountains of West Virginia at the time of autumn. The trees with different colored leaves make it look more pleasing.


Sun Rays in Autumn

here is a lovely photo of a forest where you can see an amazing sight of falling leaves from trees in autumn time and sun rays falling on everything make it look amazing.


Lake And Forest

This beautiful photo of a lake in the forest with some very eye-catching colors will make a great background.


Dawn In Forest

This is a stunning photo of a beautiful forest with some trees where sunlight is peeking from them and falling om the purple flowers on the ground.


Road In The Forest

This is a mildly dark colored photo of a road in the forest which is fully wet due to the rain.



Now here comes a beautiful eye-catching photo of a forest which will look perfect as a background. This photo has colorful leaves fallen on the ground.


Colorful Forest

This is a photo of a beautiful forest in autumn time with leaves falling all over with faded colors.


Dark Forest

This is a bit different photo of a dark forest with a road in between the trees. This photo is for all the people who prefer darker and simpler colored photos.


Beautiful Curve Road In Forest With Greenery

This is yet another stunning photo in high-resolution which will make your screens pop up. This is a photo of a beautiful curvy road which is fully loaded with greenery.


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